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Mihai Octavian Mocanu

Born in Prahova on 29 May 1945.

On the 17th November 1971 th artist had his first exhibition of this kind in Romania.

On the 10th of September 1991 his works was viewed, through Romamerican Impotrexport.CO at Basel International Fair.

On the 10th of August 2005 the artist participate at Lyon’s individual exhibition. Beginning with 04 of May 2008 some works are viewed at Montreal “L’Ile de L’Art” Gallery.

All the models exhibited are worked MANUALLY in bas-relief made from 99.9 % copper, overlayed with thin silver stratum.

By catalytic fastening the corrosions in time is impossible. The sizes and colors can have very small variations.

The works are special gifts for those who have a very special refinement.

Most of his works has been acquired by the parishioners in order to decorate the churchies an monastaries (Agapia, Zamfira, Schitul Crasna, etc.).

The artist’s works are as well the perfect gifts for hollydays or special ocasions.


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